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The Vega Devices – diagnostic and therapy systems designed to facilitate Naturopaths

The Vega devices have been developed to assist practitioners of naturopathy in the diagnosis and treatment of their clients. The general assessment procedure consists of recording electrical parameters of the skin at harness points (based on EAV principles), and analysis of the results by the specific software systems. The Vega devices currently available are outlined below.

Diagnostic Devices


vega checkThe Vega Check performs an assessment of the inherent metabolic rhythms of the body and corresponding regulatory processes, giving an indication of the energetic state of organs and organ groups, their function and influence.

The Vega Check measures electrical parameters of 7 segments (“derivations”) of the body, via 6 electrodes transmitting pulse currents to the feet, hands and head. A disturbance is detected by deviation of electrical parameters from the normal range for each segment. In this way, the Vega Check gives hints of acute, inflammatory, degenerative or allergic ailments, and displays graphically which organ is affected. The Vega Check also displays the clients’ over all “vitality factor”, which can be used to trace improvements during a course of therapy.

The Vega Check is very simple to use and the assessment takes just a few minutes to complete. Vega also provide client management software, where the results of screening and recommended treatments can be recorded for future reference.


vega testThe Vega Test Expert is a self contained computerised electro dermal screening (CEDS) instrument which can identify a wide range of nutritional and health issues and evaluate specific remedy requirements. The Vega Test can access 1400 digital test ampoules, measure amalgam/tooth voltage, assess the energy balance of body quadrants, energise acupuncture points and produce magnetic strip treatment cards (SI cards). If you do not want to get involved with computers and can live with the limited number of digital tests and manual testing of remedies then the Vega Test Expert represents a good choice.

To perform an assessment with the Vega Test, the client is stimulated with energetic signature patterns stored in the system while a reading is taken with the probe. If a specific stimulus causes a deviation in the readings, there may be an ‘issue’ between the substance being tested and the subject. 

Therapy Devices


vegamedThe VegaMed Matrix is designed to alleviate and activate the connective tissue network (matrix) of the body, which supports all cells. It is believed that damage to the matrix is conducive to chronic ailments, allergies, reduced resistance to pathogens, depression and many other complaints.

The VegaMed Matrix integrates a number of matrix regeneration therapies, including Petechial suction massage, rhythmic direct-current therapy and systems information therapy (SIT). Via this combination of techniques, the VegaMed Matrix breaks up and disposes of metabolic waste, renews structures worn out by chronic inflammation and reinvigorates the activity of the immune system and connective tissue cells. This detoxification process then enables the body to initiate the healing processes with renewed vigour.

The VegaMed Matrix is operated via a large touch screen display which proceeds through the treatment sequence. The therapy is administered by a hand held suction probe which simultaneously delivers the rhythmic direct-current and systems information therapies. VegaMed Matrix therapy programs can follow the basic manufacturers’ guidelines or they can be specified for each client.

As a 3 in 1 unit, the VegaMed Matrix is an excellent device if you are familiar with these matrix regeneration therapies or seeking to expand.


vegamed selectThe VegaSelect makes use of the principles of systems information therapy (SIT) in the treatment of immune system dysfunctions (including allergies), toxification, metabolic disorders and physiological stress. The VegaSelect system also includes a pulsating magnetic field therapy device for the treatment of pain.

SIT is a vibrational therapy in which specific information is fed to the immune system to stimulate the regulatory process. This is based on the theory that the field associated with pathologically altered tissue exhibits a reduced vibrational fluctuation compared to healthy tissues. A reduced vibrational fluctuation impairs the ability of damaged tissue to adapt to external stimuli which in turn increases the disease potential. The body may come to regard these vibrational changes as ‘normal’, resulting in a chronic state which is not addressed by the natural immune processes. The impulse emitted by the VegaSelect provides an “attention signal” to reinitiate the immune system. Combined with the pain management capabilities of pulsed magnetic therapy, the VegaSelect is designed to provide rapid alleviation of symptoms as well as treatment of underlying maladies.

The VegaSelect can also be used to reproduce and administer the vibrational signals of other holistic treatments (e.g. homeopathics, Bach flowers, precious stones, etc.), as desired by the practitioner.

VEGA Audiocolor

vega audiocolorThe Vega Audiocolor is designed to strengthen the overall constitution by exposing the client to harmonizing colours and audio tones. This strengthening is said to reduce susceptibility to environmental pollution and increase the clients’ capability to deal with life’s daily stresses.

Using the Vega Audiocolour, twelve colours (based on Goethe’s colour cycle) can be mixed across four octaves, either individually or in combination, as the practitioner sees fit. The Vega Audiocolour can also be combined effectively with the VegaSelect (see above).


The Vega SI Card is a storage medium for complex magnetic field information. It is worn on the skin, like a plaster, and delivers system information, remedies etc. to the client between treatments as a supplement to therapies.


The Vega SI Trans is used to potentise substances for delivery to the patient via individualised Vega SI cards. The desired potency of each substance can be generated by placing it in the honeycomb of the Vega SI Trans, alternatively, test ampules stored in the VegaTest can be duplicated onto a Vega SI card.

VEGA Overview

The techniques employed in the Vega devices have been developed through years of dedicated research and undoubtedly have their place in energetic diagnosis and treatment. Vega provide an excellent range of tools for a number of well established therapies which will undoubtedly be of assistance to any practitioner already familiar with them. However, advancements in the understanding of quantum biology have lead to the invention of a new class of device which assesses and treats patients on the most basic quantum level.

Take a look at our comparison page of the most popular energetic devices.

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