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MicroPulse - Pulse Magnetic Therapy

What is the MicroPulseIV
It is a portable pulsed electromagnetic field generator which comes with two magnets. Place one magnetic under your mattress and use nightly. The other magnetic is used for more local problems. Place it on your arm, leg, or back – where you are experiencing pain. Place it under your pillow for headaches.

When turned on, the magnetic field pulses at a frequency (there are 12 frequency settings) set by you. The lower settings are for relaxation – the higher settings are for alertness.

How the - MicroPulse - Pulse Magnetic Therapy works:
The MicroPulseIV pulsed electromagnetic field generator is a low intensity easy to use device that creates less the 1 gauss of magnetic power (equal to that of the earth’s magnetic), which makes it safe to use, yet has produced effective results

Place the air core electromagnet between the mattress and the box spring. It is our conviction that the steel box spring mattresses help conduct the magnetism over the entire area. For those with serious sleep problems, use over the weekend and sleep as long as you can to correct you sleep deficit. Some individuals have not had a good night sleep for many years and may need a couple of weeks to catch up. Different settings are used for different purposes, one for sleep, and another for recuperation strength and stamina. Remember, your brain will begin to mimic the frequency of the MicroPulseIV - that is the key to the success of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. All physical and mental functions are controlled by electromagnetic fields produced by the movement of electro-chemicals (ions) within the body. The introduction of a pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) to an area helps restore the normal electromagnetic balance. Once the balance has been restored, the body can more successfully perform the functions required of it.
Migraines, Depression or Anxiety Place the solid core magnet (MicroPulseIV comes with two magnets) under your pillow and set to position 9. Lie down and position yourself so the magnet is at the base of your head. In the case of migraines, you may reposition yourself every 15 minutes or so depending on where the pain is located. There are 12 frequency settings on the MicroPulseIV. The lower settings are for relaxing and the higher settings are for alertness (See instructional manual) Local chronic pain Find the pain focal point by using your finger in a pressing motion to determine the exact spot of pain emanation. Then place the solid core magnet against the problem area and rest it there. Move the magnet around to different angles every 15-30 minutes. Continue up to eight hours if necessary.
These are a few of the uses of the MicroPulseIV.


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