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Peter Fraser
Energy Medicine Researcher

Peter FraserPeter Fraser is Chief Scientific Officer of Nutri-Energetics Systems. Fraser attended the University of Melbourne , where he completed his Bachelor of Arts degree and teacher training. He began a teaching career at the secondary level, but while traveling abroad he developed an intense interest in alternative medicine. This was to be the start of two decades of training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, homeopathy and Ayurveda. Over the years, Fraser traveled to Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, and China to expand his knowledge, while also working as a practitioner in these modalities. Eventually, Fraser became principle at a college of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. The curriculum he created was accepted as the standard state system for university accreditation in Australia and is still in place today. He also helped establish a professional organization for accreditation and the ethical standards of practice in acupuncture. Fraser work has been published in such journals as The American Journal of Acupuncture and The Pacific Journal of Oriental Medicine .

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However, Peter was not content to merely explain the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine within the limited framework of the Western medical model. His thirst for still deeper understanding prompted him to leave the university and begin private research. Thus began his visionary work of mapping the human body-field, based on the latest discoveries arising from quantum theory and biophysics. Fraser has been involved in many subsequent research projects and helped formulate advanced concepts that reveal the principles of information transfer within biological systems.

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