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The Perkl-Light is a little different from most other devices in that its operation is more “intuitively-based” than “mentally based.”  Rather than looking up frequencies in a book, or going through some analytical process to determine a setting, the Perkl-Light is best used by simply observing one’s experience and which settings feel good at any particular time. 

The fact that this works at all is a testament to the power of the light-based energy mechanism in the Perkl-Light.  In an informal study in 2006 at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, it was determined that 83% of non-energy practitioners could feel the energy of the Perkl-Light directly with their hands, and that 100% of energy practitioners could also feel the energy directly. 


So how, exactly does one use the Perkl-Light, and what sorts of results should one expect?  There are a variety of methods and uses.  If one simply wants a quick energy tune-up, one can simply set the device on one of the many groups of preprogrammed settings, having it balance chakras, organs, meridians, etc. in a matter of a few minutes, while you do other things.  In fact, that is one of the advantages of the Perkl-Light is that it is not necessary to take time out of your schedule to use it.  It is perfectly acceptable to determine an appropriate setting for you and then work on the computer, watch TV, read, wash the dishes, etc. while the Perkl-Light works on your energy field.  (The “electromagnetic” setting is good to use when you are working on your computer.)

In addition to giving yourself an energy tune-up, you can also work directly on energy blocks related to pain or disease.  Several techniques are described in the included DVDs for determining settings for just about any type of energy-imbalance a person might have.  In particular, a new form of applied kinesiology called the “Blink Technique” is presented.  Many people would pay more than the price of the Perkl-Light to go to a workshop and learn a new form of applied kinesiology.  With the Perkl-Light, you get this thrown in as a freebie..

While the Perkl-Light is powerful, it is also portable and affordable.  With the transparent emitter removed, it easily fits into a briefcase or a woman’s purse.  There is no complicated set-up – just plug it in and start using it.  This makes it an ideal traveling companion.  You can use it to energetically clear out a hotel room upon arrival, or to help you balance out many of the stressors associated with travel. 

A fraction of the cost of many of the other devices, the Perkl-Light is powerful and effective.  The technology it uses is not available in any other product at any price.  The Perkl-Light is a friend of anyone who wants to maintain their bioenergetic health

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