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Orgone Beam

The Orgone Beam works on the orgone principle of cell vibration. Orgone energy is Wilhelm Reich's name for “the substratum from which all nature is created; it may be considered as the creative force in nature”.

Every living cell vibrates at a specific frequency and when the body is low on orgone energy the cell is unable to vibrate at its natural frequency. This disturbance in cell vibration enables disease to arise (Lakhovsky, 1936). Lakhovsky stated that if the body consumed an above average amount of orgone energy, the cellular vibration would become less powerful. The Orgone Beam supplies orgone energy to depleted cells, thereby restoring the natural cellular vibration. This theory of vibrational medicine is based on the same principles as homeopathy and bio-resonance therapy.

How the Orgone Beam Works

The Orgone Beam has an open resonant circuit, based on bio-resonance principles. The theory is that the body decides whether to accept the information and energy supplied by the Orgone Beam, or not, so an overdose in the literal sense can not occur. If the irradiation continued too long, an accelerated healing process is possible which may lead to over-reactions. This may be perceived subjectively as unpleasant, but apparently does no specific harm to the body.

The body's natural bipolarity can be interrupted when it is experiencing mental, physical or emotional stress. In instances of disease, this natural flow of energy is not properly restored. Here, the Orgone Beam converts pure levorotation into dextrorotation, or vice versa, until bipolarity is achieved. This action enables the Orgone Beam to act against a false current and support the correct rotation. The Orgone Beam may also increase the overall energy level of the body's bipolar flow.

Despite there being many Orgone based devices available, they are often not truly bipolar like the Orgone Beam.

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