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Mitosan Therapy – Re-energizing the body's cells with natural radiation

Mitosan suggest that over 60% of our required daily energy comes from natural radiation, with the remainder coming from nutrition. Modern life has meant that we are spending increasing amounts of time indoors, obstructed from the sun, leaving our cells depleted of energy so their natural regulatory and repair capability is undermined. Mitosan claim that their system can provide the natural radiation to restore full cellular function.

The sun produces radiation over the full spectrum of electromagnetic waves. The Mitosan therapy system is able to simulate this natural radiation and direct it at targeted cells. Cells may have been damaged through injury, toxins, disease, radiation etc, causing reductions in physiological energy and deficient cellular functions, thereby reducing the body’s ability to heal. Mitosan therapy will increase the cell's energy, natural function and metabolism.

How the Mitosan works

The Mitosan therapy system applies measurable energy (not electric current) which penetrates right into the cells. This replenishment of natural radiation can restore physiological energy to the body to help combat ailments. The energy supplied by the Mitosan system consists of complex signals, made up of millions of individual frequencies extending over an extremely wide effective range (1Hz to over 4 billion Hz).

The natural radiation therapy programs of the Mitosan are simple to operate and adaptable, offering automatic or specially tailored programmes for the individual clients needs.

Mitosan natural radiation therapy

Mitosan therapy is administered through a series of ‘biotrodes’ placed on the body, outside of light, natural clothing. A typical Mitosan treatment session lasts ten to twenty minutes and results are often seen from anywhere between the first to the tenth treatment. The effectiveness of the Mitosan therapy these sessions is enhanced by the client’s willingness to support the treatment with lifestyle changes, which include drinking at least 2 litres of water a day and taking homeopathic drainage remedies where appropriate.

Mitosan therapy is reported to be effective in treating the following conditions:

  • Acute and Chronic pain

  • Joint and vertebral complaints

  • Wound healing following injury/surgery

  • Acute and chronic inflammations

  • Susceptibility to infection

  • Skin diseases

  • Sleep disorders

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)

  • Burnout syndrome

Mitosan Therapy – Re-energizing the body's cells with natural r

When used for the removal of toxins from the body, Mitosan therapy can cause loose bowel movements, increased perspiration, and other similar detoxification activities in the excretory organs.

Mitosan Overview

In regards to other energetic medicine devices, the Mitosan therapy system emulates effects similar to the Q2, insofar as to provide the body with direct 'energy boosts'. However the means by which energy is transferred is completely different - Mitosan therapy uses radiation whilst the Q2 uses an electrical charge conducted through water.

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User Feedback of the Mitoscan Therapy

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