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...Practitioner Devices - Mars III

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Computer Aided Radionic System for Analysing and Balancing
Electronic Homeopathy and Color Tuning

Mars III

The Mars III is the computer-aided Radionic System of Bruce Copen Laboratories. The Mars III consists of a Master Control Unit and the Software "Scope 4" can be easily installed into a PC computer. The Unit and the Software allow the individual modules to function.

Scope 4
Scope 4 is the radionic software that was specifically developed for the MARS III. The Manufacturer claims it to be easy to use for the computer layman and can also be used to drive the other classical radionic instruments from Copen Labs.

How does the Mars III work?
The Mars III uses Radionics to treat the patient - for a full explanation of what radionics is click here
The device has a large data bank of over 14,000 rates that include;

  • Acupuncture
  • Allergies
  • Flower Essences
  • Organs
  • Toxins
  • Gem Stones
  • Food Stuffs
  • Teeth
  • Symptoms
  • Homeopathic Miasims
  • Emotions
  • Subtle anatomy

The Radionic Analysis is carried out using samples of substances (blood, nail, hair, urine etc) With the Mars III the sample (Radionic witness) is places in the device input channel and then built in scanner is claimed to digitally convert the sample and then stores this digital representation of the sample on the hard disk of the PC. Thus the sample only needs to be scanned once and it is claimed treatment can be done with out the patient being present.

Treatment is claimed to be achieved by testing against predefined tests built in to the software database. Once radionic rates have been found they are then claimed to be "projected" to the patent.

The Color Tuning Module on the Mars III is claimed to be programmed to balance the patient using various ranges of naturopathy. It is claimed to be harmonical and composed to mathematical laws of music. Each sound is given a color and in the spectrum are representations of various treatments including; acupuncture, bioresonance therapy, homeopathy and others.

The Electronic Homeopathy module on the Mars III is claimed to be programmed to have the rates for corresponding homeopathic tinctures. These rates are then used to treat the patient.

Mars III Overview

MARS III MULTIPLE ANALYTICAL RADIONIC SYSTEM USB Port compatible Windows XP compatible Available in English, German, Spanish
Size: 36cm x 28cm x 10.2cm
Weight: 2.4kg
Price: $15,545.00


Mars III video:

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