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The InterX devices are a variation and development of the original SCENAR technology and devices from Russia.

The function and internal design of the InterX is very much the same as the Scenar Professional but the InterX devices have taken a leap in user interface with a more modern look.

InterX has distanced itself from the Bioenergetic medicine world, now interx focus on these more orthodox applications:

  • Injury Management - on the sports field or in the clinic.
  • Rehabilitation - complementary to physical therapy.
  • Pain Relief - both acute and complex chronic pain conditions.

The Interx has been approved by the FDA and has a CE mark for Pain Relief and pain management

The InterX is significantly more expensive than its competitiors and from our testing there is no improved results when compared to the ACUSCEN and SCENAR PRO

Take a look at our comparison page of the most popular Professional energetic medicine devices and products.

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Interx 5000

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