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The Healing Blanket
an energy regulator, pain management device and cell regulator for the body.

The Healing Blanket acts as a regulator of energy and cells, as well as being an effective device for pain management. As with the SCENAR, the Healing Blanket’s origin lies in the Cold War Soviet space program, with the technology adapted for marketable products in today's complementary medicine industry. The Healing Blanket works around the principle of acupuncture meridians to both regulate and unblock the flow of energy around the body.

Our energy may fluctuate when exposed to high electrical radiation emitted by devices such as computer monitors and cell phones. The Healing Blanket protects the body from external electromagnetic and electrostatic fields to help the body to rebalance its own electrical charge and energy. This protection can re-energise the body and relieve pain, over time.

How the Healing Blanket works?

The Healing Blanket itself is made up of a series of membranes that allow the body to retain its natural bio-energetic state, reducing the dissipation of energy into the environment.

The Healing Blanket works on several different levels, providing the user with several beneficial outcomes. Treatment covers redistribution of charge, pain management and extremely high frequency (EHF) therapy.

Redistribution of Charge with the Healing Blanket

Redistribution of charge relates to meridians, as used in acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. These are the channels of energy flow throughout the body which can be manipulated at specific points (acupuncture points). The Healing Blanket uses acupuncture points to tap additional energy into the channels where it is lacking, or release energy through the points where there is an excess, thereby helping to keep the energy flow in equilibrium. The apparatus within the Healing Blanket which makes this possible is called the 'energizer', which simultaneously helps reduce the reoccurrence of energy blockages.

The Healing Blanket & Pain Management

The Healing Blanket uses infra-red (IR) radiation to increase blood flow and energy emission. This IR radiation has beneficial effects on the body, increasing the potential for tissue repair. More importantly the IR radiation increases the vital activities in pain management systems through the release of neuropeptides, thereby altering pain receptors and making the removal of pain causing cell metabolites more efficient. Various positive side-effects may also occur such as a local and systemic boost to the immune system and a reduction in inflammation.

Healing Blanket EHF Therapy

The third and final function of the Healing Blanket is the production of Extremely High Frequencies (30-300 GHz). As many energetic medicine devices identify, a living cell vibrates at a particular frequency, between 30-300 GHz. When a cell becomes ‘ill’ it will resonate at a frequency determined by the individual malady, e.g. a cell group with mercury poisoning will resonate differently to a group damaged in a sports injury. It is through the detection of these different frequencies that energetic medicine systems such as the QXCI act as diagnostic devices.

The Healing Blanket uses EHF to bring the cell frequency back to normal, enabling the cell to repair more quickly, or emit toxins more efficiently. It should be stated however that this is very much a gradual effect after using the Healing Blanket for many sessions.

The Healing Blanket is effective, in combination with other therapies, for the treatment of a wide range of disorders, including:

  • Psycho-emotional regulation

  • Sleep improvement

  • Increasing of the resistance to stress

  • Reduction of the muscular spasms

  • Prolonging the action of medicines, followed by reduction in doses of drugs and supporting therapy without drugs

When comparing the Healing Blanket to other SCENAR type devices, it becomes apparent that whereas the SCENAR is best used for direct cell/tissue regeneration and local pain management, the Healing Blanket is best used over a series of therapy sessions, producing gradual positive results.

Healing Blanket Therapy protocol

The client can be treated systemically or locally where appropriate, by applying the Healing Blanket to whole body or the specific area concerned (on the neck, back, shoulders, etc).

The Healing Blanket therapeutic protocol is fairly straight forward. The client lies covered by the Healing Blanket for around 40 minutes, 2 – 3 times a day over a course 15 – 20 days. In order to achieve the best result, the course should be resumed after a one week break.

In rare cases, adverse reactions such as pain, headache, dizziness or nausea may occur. In this case the treatment course should be continued until disappearance of discomfort, even if whole procedure will be extended up to 50 minutes. If the client can’t sustain the discomfort, the time for the procedure should be reduced by 10 minutes. The duration of each following procedure should be extended by three or four minutes, gradually building up to a 30–40 minute session.

Use of the Healing Blanket is contra-indicated in patients with acute infectious diseases, feverish conditions with unclear diagnosis, active Tuberculosis, acute heart attack, cardiac or pulmonary insufficiency.

Healing Blanket Overview

The Healing Blanket is particularly useful for the treatment of non-ambulant conditions, i.e. when the client is unable to do much more than lie wrapped in the Healing Blanket for extended periods. In these cases, the Healing Blanket may provide not only a comforting therapeutic experience, but also positive physiological benefits.

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