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Old 20-06-2009, 02:08 AM
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Default Paranormal Powers :: CATS AND NEGATIVE ENERGY (reply)

PegCityEvolve wrote at 18 Jun 2009 05:34 PM GMT: </span> Sphinx wrote: </span> PegCityEvolve wrote: Interesting, I have two black cats. Tried LSD and the cats were going crazy! Scared, but then I let them know it was alright.....my one black cat I could tell it was communicating with me....with strong empathy. I could even pull them towards me with telekinesis. I never heard such high-pitch, harmonic meowing from them ever.....I seemed to synchronize with their "meows" and could meow exactly like them.

These cats have some white patches. <span class="postbody">

Dude, it was the LSD altering your perception of things that you saw and heard, not the cats communicating with you. If the cat's meow sounded different, it is because LSD caused your perception of what you heard to change. If they were freaked out, it was because they could sense that you were not yourself because of the effects of LSD on you. LSD makes people think they are having really profound thoughts about what actually are very simple things. In reality, you mentally asked a cat to come, and coincidentally, it came. Too bad someone did not video you trying to match meows with a cat. Not only would it have shattered your claim, but would have been great entertainment for all who watched. <span class="postbody">They were communicating with me, even if im sober. Like when a cat meows for food....same thing. I also pulled it with telekinesis, my friend and I both seen all the strands of hair stick up when I did it.....it didn't come over cause I called it, but because I made it with telekinesis. Will explain more later

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