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Old 04-07-2013, 06:15 PM
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Default Buy | Sell | Trade | Auction :: Dreamweaver Psychic Card System

jvanwoesik08 wrote at 03 Jul 2013 09:25 PM GMT: Here is the description of the Dreamweaver Psychic Card System quoted by Vitality.

Artist Known As Dreamweaver has designed an elaborate system to help new magicians as well as veterans with their magic.

You will never need to get individual spell work or services done again, You have the the power to activate these fields at any moment.

Each card in the system is designed to help you! Here are the following fields in the system.

Pain Control
Eviction - Energy sink hole, vanquish energy that may be unwanted
Meditation - Improve focus, cognitive abilities important for brain function
Plant Growth - To aid in plant growth make your own metaphysical garden.
Energy expansion - To increase your energy
Lucid Dreaming - Help control your dreams.
Chakra stimulator- Stimulate your chakras!
Aura purification - Aura Cleanser, had a bad day? cleanse yourself.
Perseverance - Motivation not giving up. Setting goals making them happen.
Shielding - Shielding, always great to be protected right?

Last but not least the system attunement, one deck will only work for one person.
Attunement - Being able to use the card to access the sigils on the system only can be used once.

With the system you can have access to all these fields, and improve your life and the lives of others.

We are accepting Preorders NOW will be shipped out July 1st, or a bit before!

Please pay through paypal to admin@thepsychicproxy.com or ask for an invoice!

99$ for the full Dreamweaver psychic system. Have power at your finger tips!

Any reviews on this deck yet?

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