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Old 14-01-2012, 05:22 PM
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Default Metaphysical Technology :: Top secret radionics machine

whitelotus wrote at 13 Jan 2012 08:55 PM GMT: Why was the previous thread on the Top secret radionics machine deleted? That too without a warning message or anything? I'm sure it dint violate any rules.

Anyway..Here is the post.

I intend to build the Top secret radionics machine. It looks fairly complicated and the plans have a few ambiguities.But inspite of that I am strongly motivated to build it.

I came across the Tsrm plans a month back when I was looking for a good radionic m/c or chi generator to build. The amount of parts required and the large schematic baffled me.I just looked through it and filed it away. After a few days I finally settled with Logan's Orgone field pulser design and now I have almost completed the Pulser.

When by chance last week I looked through the TSRM plans I was amazed- I had almost all the stuff in the parts list.I dint even remember any from the plans but somehow I was given some parts randomly, I bought some for other purposes, some of them I always had but just got aware of etc. Even the Pulser I built is the "orgone blaster" in the plans and I dint even notice that in the first place.
It could be a coincidence but I would like to think of it as sign of inspiration.

Since then I have read all the posts on the machine, read through the plans a dozen time and untangled some parts.It doesnt look so intimidating to me as before.

I intend to build this machine, test it and create a step by step manual of its construction if it works as stated and put it up on open minded forums such as this.

I have a few doubts in the design though as the schematics is not very well made.

I would greatly appreciate any help/input from any of you experienced ppl out there.

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