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Old 03-11-2010, 08:17 PM
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Default Metaphysical Technology :: rods of ra, egyptian healing rods, blakoe ring, zinc coppe

mesososo wrote at 02 Nov 2010 08:39 PM GMT: I've been researching these guys for about a year now, reading all the documents and raw power searching for zinc and copper

The "rods" were actually marketed in the 70's by some Dr blakoe who made a zinc copper c*ck ring to cure impotence. (seriously haha) There are other versions of these penis rings being sold under different names all over the internet with various claims. They actually show on these websites that a voltage can be read between the zinc and copper of about +0.8Volts. The impotence and male enhancement websites boast that it's this potential which which when put on the base of the penis gives the amazing properties.

(blakoe ring, Ring of power ...)

What no one seems to be talking about is the fact that by holding onto these guys you are essentially turning yourself into a battery.
(from my chem text)
Zn(2+)(aq) + 2e- -> Zn(s) -0.763V
but since its going from solid zinc into solution it reads
Zn(s) -> 2e- + Zn(2+)(aq) +0.763

Cu(2+)(aq) + 2e- -> Cu(s) +0.337V
Cu(2+)(aq) + e- -> Cu+(aq) +0.159V
Cu+(aq) + e- -> Cu(s) +0.520V

A zinc copper battery is a spontaneous cell which will driver copper ions out of solution to be deposited on the copper electrode. Meanwhile Zinc Ions are coming off of the zinc electrode into solution. The zinc ends up being the anode because its half reaction is more positive than the coppers's reactions.

I get somewhere around 0.7V depending on how well my hands have "stickied" to my zinc ingot and copper pipe. (total cost 50$)

My hands turn blue when I use them. If I hold them while jogging or riding the exercise bike I seem to get less depositing on the actual electrode and sweat drips off them all blue. I'm guessing im copper loaded right now which would explain a lot of things health wise. If people are toxic in copper i suspect this forcefully pushes it out and helps your body by bringing more zinc into it. Zinc is responsible for hundreds of different enzymes which are used to remove toxins from our system. ie smoking herbs will drain your Zn levels. and when Zn is down you can't properly metabolize copper. Zn is also found in every dna molecule. So there is a lot of zinc in a 'load'

Anyways I don't think this is magical metaphysical bio energy field balancing (even tho that might happen because of fixing what was physically wrong). It is possible to hold onto other metals to achieve the same effects...ie if I held onto Copper/Magnesium I could pull copper out and put magnesium in because the magnesium half cell reaction(-2.356V) is more positive than the copper cell reaction(s)(0.337V)(theres probably all of them happening in varying amounts).

This is basically real chemical alchemy. be careful. If any of you who have used these things for long periods of time would care to tell me about it and answer some q's it would really help with my research.

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