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Default Xtrememind Psionics :: Advanced Psychic Seduction

Chii wrote at 16 Aug 2010 08:59 AM GMT: This isn't a Love Magick spell in the "Ritualistic Sense," but it essentially is magick. When you think about it.. everything is psionics when you bring it down to its base. Here's the technique:

1) First you must be aware of energy.. Your energy bodies and her energy bodies.

2) Next you are going to psychically sense an "aspect" of her energy body. For example... you want to tap into her "sexual fantasies," then you would psychically/empathically lock into that part of her energy field, which by the way intermingles throughout her energy body. You do the same with your energy body.

3) Project your essence out of your body, like you are reaching out with a hand or something. Touch her energy body and then raise your hand up as if pulling like a vacuum a portion of her energy body. All you are doing here is pulling out a part of her energy body and forming it into a thick tentacle (think of that watery thing from the movie "The Abyss)

4) When you have practice projecting.. you don't need to project a hand, you can simply project a tentacle out of your energy body with that "aspect" of your energy.. and then you can remotely access and pull out that part of her energy body as well.

5) Intermingle and merge the ends of these 2 tentacles. This is where sensitivity comes into play. Feel the fusion, the interplay between the aspects of your sexuality and hers. Feel sexual energy pulsing and mingling between your 2 tentacles. You should feel horny if you've done this right. If you aren't feeling much, either you aren't sensitive to kinesthetics, or there is some form of resistance, or sexually her energy sucks.

6) I forgot to mention. You can project the tentacles from different parts of your energy body like chakras or private parts for different effects. Other techniques is you don't have to pull a tentacle out of her body, but you can just stick yours directly inside a part of her and just f*ck her directly with your tentacle... just remember that when you are doing this, the energy stimulation isn't stimulating her physical body per se, though visually it looks like it is energetically..but it is actually stimulating that "Aspect" of her.

Advanced add-on technique:

This is a telepathic technique... essentially you are going to do something similar, and you are going to reverberate telepathic thoughts into her. Keep in mind these aren't sterile thoughts without feeling. They come packed with feeling! That is because you are projecting energy packets/chunks that carry thought/emotion or whatever else. To add to this, I actually got a hot woman to initiate the conversation with me as I was testing this technique, despite her husband being in the background.

Project your entire energy body outside of yourself and then go up to her and start to touch her/caress her or whatever it is you like to do. As you hold her close.. everytime you stroke her energy body (while she's in her body).. You project telepathically into her thoughts/commands. You don't just think these thoughts at her.. You have to be able to convert thoughts to emotions/vibrations. Feel every touch of yours oscillate the "energetic signature" of your thoughts/commands and into her.

This is basically like projecting subsonic signals into her. Make sure that you are projecting these energy thoughts into that "aspect" of her. Do this with the intent that you implanted it within her and she received it. Now of course, you have to be sensitive to her responses and this requires some degree of psychic ability. But its never too late to practice, even if you aren't that gifted, you can still achieve some form of results.

Some ideas of what you can project telepathically:

I love you. Love me. Lets f*ck. That guy is hot. Talk to him. Say something to him (project mental image of looking at yourself through their eyes)...

I'm sure you get the point. Use your imagination.


Lust, Fantasy, Incredible Connection, Love, Sexuality, Mental, Emotional, Dream, Astral, Etheric, Future, Past or anything else (use your imagination).

The key feature in this entire technique is being specific, by Psycho-Energetically taping into specific parts of someones energy field. Keeping this in mind, you can easily adapt this to Magick Spellwork as well.

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