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F-Scan - F-Scan2 - the new Rife?

F-Scan: Introducing the F-Scan2

The F-Scan is often called 'the contact pad device with a difference'. Like the RIFE, Hulda Clark Zapper, QXCI and others, it is a device that uses resonating frequencies to investigate the state of the human body. The F-Scan2 detects the frequency at which infections, viruses and other forms of illness resonate then ‘zaps’ the target at an exact frequency. The greatest advantage of the F-Scan is its ability to combine Rife and Hulda Clark technology, enabling the user to target and treat cells without damaging any surrounding tissue.

The new F SCAN2 Version 2005 offers a variety of improvements and options compared to earlier models. The F-Scan2 USB is a small, easy-to use and sophisticated frequency synthesizer made and designed in Switzerland. The manufacturer has specifically programmed the F-Scan2 with an extensive permanent internal library of Hulda Clark and Royal Rife frequencies. These built-in frequency tables make it very easy and quick to scan using a wide range of user-selectable frequencies in order to detect identical Bio-resonant frequency matches.

The F-Scan2 USB uses an LCD touch-screen system to operate in a stand-alone mode. No computer is required so it's very easy to use almost anywhere, any time. It only weighs 2 pounds and can be set up and ready to run in just seconds, so it is a truly portable, easy-to-take-anywhere device.

The newest version of F-SCANT software is supplied with the F-Scan2, allowing it to be connected with the supplied USB cable to almost any Windows-based computer (a USB port is required on the computer). It's compatible with most versions of Windows, including Windows XP. F-SCANT offers more detailed info on the use of the F-Scan2 and its internal frequency tables and more control over its operation, making it easier to target specific frequencies or conditions for more thorough sessions.

How does the F-Scan work?

As mentioned above, the F-Scan uses a resonating frequency. A sine wave is digitally created, producing a frequency accurate to 0.01 Hz. This wave does not suffer from any interfering harmonics or disturbances, as the F-scan uses a “TNOC procedure” for frequency synthesis as opposed to the “Phase locked loop” used in other devices. According to the manufacturers, this is the only way to ensure a stable signal, with regards to the frequency, shape and amplitude of the waves used.

As with the NES-Pro and QXCI, the F-Scan uses a standard desktop or laptop PC to receive and process data through a windows interface. The F-Scan can apply the frequency directly to the body, or can be used to drive a Rife/Bare, thus giving it an advantage over many resonating frequency based devices. The F-Scan is able to reproduce the effects of the Rife machine, which works in the frequency range of 1-10,000 Hz, but it can also produce frequencies up to 2,999,999.99 Hz. For frequencies in the Hulda Clark range (60,000 – 80,000 Hz) and above, the F-Scan is usually used as a contact pad device.

The F-Scan works through a touch pad system. The client has two contacts attached to the middle finger of their right hand. In the left hand, the patient holds a cylinder. The F-Scan first takes a baseline reading, recording the conductivity and personal standard resonance level. All readings are compared with this and are relayed to the PC where the individual's information can be logged.

The F-Scan's functions allow you to automatically scan through a wide range of frequencies. The F-Scan recognizes and records resonant frequencies, which are then stored in your PC. Stored frequencies correlate to areas of illness on the body, and are used to target and eliminate the malady. To determine the frequency band to be tested, a personal testing method, such as Electro Acupuncture According to Voll, VEGATEST, etc. can be used.

The F-Scan recognizes and stores up to 80 frequencies in order to zap them at a later date, demonstrating its superior ability compared with machines such as the Rife. However the F-scan is overshadowed by the BodyScan and QXCI which are able to record patients' reactions to over 6,000 and 8,000 different compounds respectively, in a matter of minutes by interfacing with the body.

F-Scan Overview

The F-Scan2 USB generates very precise digitally-synthesized frequencies with sine or rectangular wave forms using the most advanced technology. This allows the manufacturer to make the F-Scan2 smaller and much less expensive than comparable devices while including an extensive list of features:

  • all functions are micro-processor controlled
  • can generate individual frequencies from 0.01 Hz to 15 million Hz
  • pre-programmed for all 235 pathogens (and their frequencies) identified by Dr. CLARK
  • pre-programmed with 350 sequences of frequencies based on the research of Royal Rife
  • generates very accurate and selectable waveforms
  • voltage output from 0 - 25 volts, depending on output waveform selected
  • "Jogger" wheel that allows voltage output adjustment of all square wave signals
  • frequencies can be set from 0.1 - 3,000,000Hz for square wave signals
  • frequencies can be set from 0.1 - 15,000,000 Hz for sine wave signals
  • individual TIMER for each frequency in a sequence
  • small, light-weight (only 2 pounds) and easily transportable
  • Windows PC ready with supplied USB cable
  • F-SCANT software included for use with most versions of Windows

The F-Scan2 USB has a permanent internal memory that can be used to store application frequencies for future use. It has a memory capacity of 50 data blocks of up to 50 frequency values with assigned parameters for each, plus the results of a DIRP analysis if wanted.

f scan 2f scan2

Everything needed to get started right away is included:

  • The F-SCAN 2 USB
  • Gold-Plated Hand-holds
  • Adhesive Application (TENS) Pads
  • All connecting wires and cables
  • New re-designed clip-on Finger Electrode
  • Instruction Manual
  • F-SCANT Software, compatible with most versions of Windows
  • USB Cable

F-SCAN 2 Specifications:

  • High-grade aluminum case
  • 8.5 " x 6.1" x 5.5" (215 mm x 155 mm x 140 mm)
  • Touch-screen monochrome display - 3.23" x 2.44" (82 mm x 62 mm) - 320 x 240 Pixels
  • 0.1 Hz to 15,000,000 Hz frequency range
  • Frequency stability: 20 ppm
  • Operating memory stores up to 50 frequencies with individual parameters. Permanent memory bank stores about 6000 values in tables, time functions, and limits for "Sweep" and "DIRP"
  • Universal AC adapter - Input 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz. Output - 15 vDC, 800mA
  • Output Power Port - Square wave, positive DC-Offset, 14 vpp / 200 mA
  • Multi-signal Output Port:
    Sine wave - positive DC-Offset, voltage preset to 10 volts peak-to-peak
    Square Full Wave - voltage adjustable from 0 to 25 volts peak-to-peak
    Square Wave Positive DC-Offset - voltage adjustable from 0 to 12.5 volts peak-to-peak
  • Rect Port: Square wave Positive DC-Offset - voltage preset to 5 volts peak-to-peak
  • European Union Device Classification: Medical Device Class 1, Type B, EN60601, Regulation 93/42 EEC

F-SCAN2 USB Package Price - $3,995
includes everything needed to get started

The F-Scan combines frequency ranges from both the Rife and the Hulda Clark to produce an effective hybrid, capable of much more than its combined predecessors (0.1Hz - 2,999,999.99Hz). The additional software interface with windows may allow the practitioner and subject to visually identify potential troubled areas on the body and target them. The F-Scan can store and recognize up to eighty frequencies, meaning that it can identify up to eighty different conditions which the client may suffer from.

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