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Energetic Medicine ed skilling Energetic Medicine Energetic Medicine Ed Skilling
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Ed Skilling
Energetic Medicine Ed Skilling
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Ed Skilling
Energy Medicine Researcher

ed skillingEd Skilling - As with Beck and Rife, Ed Skilling had always shown a precocious ability to work with electricity, he trained as an electrical engineer though his passion for engineering drew him to the fields of mechanical and hydraulic engineering. Rather than work in a conventional industry, Ed Skilling devoted his time to his true passion which was developing his own inventions. As with Dr. Bill Nelson it took family influences to push Skilling toward the medical industry, in the early 1980s his daughter died from cancer.

Ed Skilling's work made him into a pioneer researcher and inventor in electro-medicine. His life work has been dedicated to healing the human body. He worked in Aerospace engineering from 1950 to 1983 before establishing his own company, E.F. Skilling, Inc. He continued building electronic devices for electro-medicine, as a designer, including pulse and neuro-muscle stimulators, the SuperPro and the Photon Sound Beam. The U.S. Psychotronics Foundation awarded him the "Man of the Year" award for his Sweep Resonator.

Skilling does not strive toward developing units for specific diseases. Instead he created a device with an output of 728 Hz (The Rife frequency). This frequency is carried on a radio frequency wave to transport it to the body. This works in the same way a radio transmitter carries the signal for a particular radio station so it can be received by a radio in any given area. Skilling's unit operates with a very gentle 100 mill watts of power, a lot less intense than it's Rife cousin. The carrier wave of 28.322 MHz is in the high radio frequency (RF) band. The 728 Hz modulates the 28.322 MHz to create a great range of harmonic frequencies-up into the Giga Hertz range. The immune system can gradually grow in strength, thus allowing the body to heal itself naturally rather than creating an artificial homeostasis through the use of frequencies.

Ed Skilling still actively lectures and educates America about the positive effects of energetic medicine. Though he is in his 80s he displays the zeal and energy of a man twenty years his junior. Even after gaining international recognition for his work with frequencies he still selflessly continues his research for the greater good of the Energetic Medicine community.

More info : Ed Skilling http://www.edskilling.com/


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Ed Skilling
Energetic Medicine Ed Skilling
Ed Skilling