In the fall of 2002, we begin our nineth one-year course with the theme of “Integrated Biophysical Medicine”, for doctors and medical practitioners who are interested in the biophysical approach, diagnostic and treatment methods as well as the historical and theoretical background of the development of the fields. At the summer of 2004 also in Latin-America we start a 10 level 200 hours educational program for medical and paramedical personal.
Our physicians and staff hold lectures and courses all around the world for the ever-increasing numbers of individuals and institutes fascinated by the biophysical and holistic approaches in medicine. We are available to conduct lectures on subjects such as: bioresonance therapy, physical-chemistry, physics, electromagnetic bioinformatics, holistic approach in medicine, biophysical allergy diagnoses and treatment, sports medicine, massage, 5 element theory, EAV,FEDT (functional electrodynamic testing),holistic approach in medicine and device related topics. Lectures can be conducted in seven languages: English, German, French, Dutch, Russian, Ukrainian and Hungarian. The researchers and the doctors of Hippocampus Institute have the goal to systematically teach biophysical medicine to other doctors, therapeuts and health care related professionals and also to assist them in their integration of the new theoretical and practical information.
Beyond this, our practice as a clinical teaching center where the student doctors and assistants can develop their skills. It is our great pleasure that an ever-increasing number of doctors choose our institute for broadening their expertise in bioresonance therapy and in other bio-informatic related therapy methods like energetic massage, chi kung and personalised nutritional therapy.
We also have begun to systematically write and publish literature on these subjects for the Hungarian public as well as for the Hungarian professional community.