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Issue 6 of Quantum Health magazine is now available to read online or download to your computer.

With regular contributors such as Rupert
Sheldrake, Arielle Essex, Peter Fraser, Harry Massey, David Hamilton, Sasha Allenby, to name but a few, plus interviews with prominent personalities in the field including Amit Goswami, Larry Dossey, Bruce Lipton and others, this magazine delivers a versatile and informative platform for energetic medicine globally.

In this issue we have incorporated some short video clips, which are part of the interactive software on the virtual version. Have fun exploring this new format.

The magazine is only available on-line currently with a free subscription. Fill in the form below to get your copy now!




In this issue:

Quantum Health Magazine

Bruce Lipton
The workings of new biology

Harry Massey on the

Rupert Sheldrake
Explains morphic resonance

Arielle Essex
Shares her journey to
wellness with us

Sasha Allenby
Matrix Reimprinting to
shift energy

Thornton Streeter
Monthly report on

David Hamilton
The mind body connection

Peter Fraser
Monthly update on his
research for NES Health

Joan Wilcox
Energetic medicine explained

Energetic Medicine