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Quantec 5 – transmits conscious intent between ‘life’ organisms

The Quantec is “a regular radionic system of the old style”. By placing their hand on the gold plate of the Quantec rose quartz triangle (above), the client is scanned in a matter of minutes. The Quantec will then obtain an expression of functional state and any corrective vibrational information can be transmitted.

How the Quantec works

Quantec believe that biophotons (light emissions, weak electromagnetic waves) merge into a collective global consciousness, also known as the ‘spirit’ or morphogenetic field. The intrinsic intelligence of the morphogenetic field interacts with the white noise diode (random generator) within the Quantec system, the computer and the software with the desired intention. Deficiencies of the client’s morpgogenetic field are identified in the Quantec scan, then removed/resolved with radionics impulses. A well instructed morphogenetic field can induce desired materialistic changes, and thereby restore the client to full health.

Each biophoton has a twin photon, which has been shown to maintain simultaneous contact with it’s opposing pair over any distance. This enables remedy collection and distance healing with the Quantec by simply taking a digital photograph of the target (camera included), which is saved 1:1 on the computer hard disk. The theory states that a certain percentage of the biophotons in the photograph will be twin photons, so the information and corresponding vibration of any object or client can be collected or transferred by the Quantec.

Treatment with the Quantec

Harmonization of the morphogenetic field by the Quantec is achieved by vibration emission of a remedy on the gold plate or by radionics (scalar waves). A database of 50000 remedies and entries is contained in the Quantec software, covering spiritual, mental and physical, e.g. homoeopathy, colours, sounds, acupuncture, affirmations, allergens, Bach flowers, osycho-kinesiology, etc. Additional remedies can also be added to the Quantec database as the practitioner desires. A therapy plan is produced by the software and distance healing can be scheduled for up to 500 designated targets at a time.

It is accepted by the manufacturers that the Quantec device can only be used to help the guidance of consciousness. The Quantec is operator dependent - human consciousness and intent is part of the fundamental principle.

The Quantec may also be beneficial for plant growth and stimulation as it reduces the need for insecticides, fertilisers etc.

Quantec Overview

There are many machines available on the market today, which work using random generators. The differences between the QXCI, LIFE System, Quantec or CoRe are more graphical and price rather than anything internally that different.

If you are happy with radionic/distant healing principles then the Quantec and similar devices do have merit, but they should perhaps be considered as a support for the practitioners’ own healing intent rather.

See our comparison page for more the energetic devices.

User Feedback of the Quantec device

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