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Welcome to Energetic Medicine, the world's leading resource for Energy Medicine, Energetic Medicine & Bio-Energetic Medicine. On this site you will find:

Practitioner Device Reviews, and Device Comparison
Detailed reviews and information about the leading BioEnergetic Devices on the market

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Forums for discussion of Energy Medicine topics
Open discussion about a variety of topics and up to date issues
Researcher Information
Detailed profiles and accomplishments of the world's leading Bio-Energetic Researchers
Bio-Energetic Medicine Articles
This section of EMR is the largest growing resource for Bio Energetic Medicine on the Web
Energy Medicine Practitioner Directory Comprehensive database of Energetic Medicine Practitioners
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This site, Energetic Medicine, has been developed as a source of information for those seeking a greater understanding of Energy Medicine, how it works and what it can do for you.  It reviews many devices and products, both for the practitioner and the home user, it details pioneering bioenergetic researchers and their related articles, along with forums for open discussion.

The very nature of this site is organic (just like energy medicine,) it is constantly growing and refining the information it holds, through the help of you the reader. If you feel an area of Energy Medicine that has not been represented please let us know by contacting us

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